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touch screen kiosk for McDonald

R'ville McDonald's ready to enter the future

The next time you decide McDonald's in Russellville is where you would like to eat, you will soon have the option to order your food from a touch screen on a kiosk. This is one of several changes you will encounter in mid-August, according to owner Jose Graffe.

Photo by Chris Cooper Russellville's McDonald's to see futuristic changes.

"I decided it was time to bring what McDonald's is calling the 'experience of the future' to Russellville," said Graffe, who has owned the Russellville McDonald's for over two years. "It is because of the customers I am making these changes. They have accepted me and my staff and have shown great support to this store."

According to Graffe, McDonald's strategy is to modernize the experience. It is not just a remodeling, it is a total change of the service platform.

McDonald's CEO Steve Easterbrook announced earlier in the year the company had begun "an aggressive plan and one of the most significant transformations in our history." In particular, the executives focused on how they would spend money to enhance the consumer "experience of the future."


Graffe gave a sneak peek into what the inside will look like once they reopen the lobby in mid-August. Not only will there be modern lobby updates with the chairs, tables, and booths, but also there will be new technology in a self-ordering kiosk where the customer will choose to place their own order or order with a cashier.


"For the younger generation technology is exciting. You will have the choice to either order from the cashier as you have been doing or you can order on your own and pay at the kiosk," said Graffe. "Another change will be table service. A customer will be given a device and then choose where they wish to sit. Their order will be brought to them at the table."

Graffe said the Russellville McDonald's will no longer be the "typical" fast food restaurant people are used to.


"Our customers have been good to us and because of this I wanted to modernize their McDonald's," said Graffe.


Total project completion is expected the first of September, but the lobby should be open before then. The McDonald's drive-through is currently still operational and an employee is posted outside to help the customer experience be as efficient as possible.


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