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Company News

Shopping Mall Information Display Touch Kiosk

Recently, Johns Creek CVB uses a touch screen guest board for digitization,Writing Surface, Scratch-resistant,anticollison.It can be operated by hands or any opaque item.Both convenient and environmental.

As a company that develops and manufactures touch screens, we Also have our own touch screen designed.Let me introduce you to our latest touch screen----High Quality Shopping Mall Information Display Touch Kiosk.


The product's configuration



LCD Screen Resolution 1920*1080 Screen Ratio 16:9
Dynamic Contrast ≥5000:1 Viewing Angle ≥178°
Brightness 500cd/m2 Life Time 100000h
Brand New A+degree 4K Screen Full-screen Display without black border, no blind spot
Touch Screen Resolution 4096*4096 Touch Points 10 points
Minimum Touch Item ≥5mm Response Time <5ms
Surface Hardness Mohs 7degree Cursor Speed ≥180/ms
 Transmittance ≥98% Durability Unlimited
≤5mm Explosion Protection Toughened Glass for The Writing Surface, Scratch-resistant,anticollison
PC Configuration Main Board CPU Android 8 core
USB Connectors 4pcs Built-in wifi standard IEEE 802.11n 
Interface HDMI 2,VGA 1,USB 2,AV 2,YPbPr 1
Speaker 15W*2
Integrated Design,Modular Design for the Main Panel,Detachable,Easy for the maintain and upgrade
Accessories AC Power Cable
Operating System Win 7/Win 8/ Win10/Standard Android System
Description LED touch screen,10-points touch,Explosion protection and anti-glare for the LCD Screen

More configuration can select

1.The touch screen kiosk Built-in Wifi module(enjoy surf the Internet,support 3G)

with Android system,can Support mass android-base app download,also support own developed AKP software.

2.It has10-points Touch(multi-character control) ,Led advertising display screen 10-points touch,≤5mm Explosion Protection Toughened Glass for TheWriting Surface, Scratch resistant,anticollison.It can be operated by hands or any opaque item.Both convenient and environmental.

3.About kiosk's Operating Gesturer(touched freely)

Touched with single hand or two hands.Zoom in/Zoom out,minify/magnify,rotate..

It is easy to operate and all is under your control

4.Computer Function(optional system wireless or wired Internet)

Android or Windows system available.A slight touch on the screen can operate the kiosk,which interacts

with you and equip freely.All-in-one design is convenient for the maintain and upgrade.

5.Programming(to release the program and control numbers of terminals)

Remotely manage devices in different locations by internet.

凯旋触控 凯旋触控
凯旋触控 凯旋触控
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