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Do You Know About The LG Screen?

The difference between LG screen original screen and assembly screen

1, color: assembly color is easy to be distorted, looks rustic. Obviously different from the original.

2, precision and texture: the original screen surface has a curved surface design similar to the tempered film, called the surface screen, the surface of the screen and the screen is very close, very beautiful. The assembly can't be close and beautiful, and it feels very bad.

3, the degree of stability: assembly screen, use a lot of small problems, can not afford to fall, sometimes even if not fell will be their own failure.

4, the difference between the inside: sometimes the surface is difficult to distinguish, open a look, the assembly screen is very rough.

all in all ,The difference between the two is

LG original module screen: high brightness, vivid color, long service life.
Assembly screen: low brightness, color distortion, short life.




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凯旋触控 凯旋触控
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