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Samsung LCD Video Wall

SEOUL, South Korea--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Nov 15, 2018--Samsung Display Company continues to lead the video wall business with its launch of the most advanced video wall for the signage market. With this latest engineering innovation of UHD 65-inch video wall panels, the new Samsung Display panel is filling an important market gap. The panels, offering a nearly undisturbed viewing canvas coupled with best-in class image quality, provide an unbeatable package of form and function, delivering great value to video wall users.

“Although UHD products for digital signage have been introduced in other segments, SDC’s new UHD displays with their 3.7mm, ultra-narrow bezel are the first in the video wall segment and are expected to transform advertising and information messaging in large format signage,” said Yang Oh-seung, head of LCD marketing at Samsung Display. “Four 65-inch electronic display panels, featuring 8.3 million pixels, will comprise the most impressive 2x2 video wall on the market today,” he added.

One of the key video wall segments to benefit from Samsung Display’s cutting-edge advancement is the 46-inch 3x3 Full HD installation, which now accounts for the largest number of commercial installations.

With this transformation to 2x2 65-inch UHD panels, customers will:

1. Be able to provide consumers with a greater sense of immersion, while materially improving the uniformity of color and quality of images

2. Gain significant installation cost savings since only four braces will be required for 65-inch panels, rather than the nine braces for 3x3 set-ups with 46-inch panels

Samsung Display is confident that these innovations, which have been engineered to optimize the benefits for signage providers and consumers, will enhance the value and utility of video walls. In the coming years, Samsung Display expects its new solution to expand the video wall business greatly, given the high demand for such products in the global digital signage market.

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