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Guangzhou Leangle Information Technology Co., Ltd. is committed to providing R & D, production, sales and technical services of the self-service terminal equipment ,
providing innovative program to the products exhibition,advertisement,teaching,conference,meeting,as well as self service kiosk solution.

touch all in one pc transparent display cabinet digital signage kiosk dual system all in one pc
32-98inch,4K UHD
10 points touch or above
3D digital signage
3D display
touch screen kiosk
advertisement display,with touch function
free switch
video conference,more comprehensive function

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Interactive Marketing software
To meet the all in one PC application of the interactive marketing for the products and company display, UTOUCH introduce an interactive marketing software system for a PC, mobile terminal,which supports all kinds of system
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Multimedia Information Release System
(Multimedia Information Release System is introduced to meet the requirement of the interactive kiosk for the application such as publicity,cultural transmission,advertisement..
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Electronic Whiteboard Software
All in one PC with whiteboard software is designed for the blackboard writing application, for teaching,meeting...
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Factory Address:6 Floor, 11th Building, Shenlan Industrial Park, Shibeigongye Road, Dashi St., Panyu District, Guangzhou, Guangdong, China (Mainland)
Hot Line:+8620-8559 5650

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